There are “Pionniers” taking action to create a path leading to a bright future in Japan as well.

PIONNIER was born as a place to promptly share the knowledge of pionniers that are active on the front line as digital contents.

The unknown, over what everyone knows.

Advanced activities born from the region, new technology that has just sprouted, and the wisdom of our sleeping ancestors. Such information is precisely what we think should be shared widely.

There might also be activities that are just starting off and are like sprouts.

The activities of pionniers that are small yet strong, lighting up the future of Japan.

Your coming into contact with the wisdom of pionniers is a good influence not only on yourself, but also the pionniers.

Reading is supporting and conveying is supporting.

To you, who will live in future times, information that is more coherent than the web, faster than a publication.

In this current age when technology and information are both bewilderingly updated, PIONNIER will run past them together as a place that connects you and pionniers.